KBF Trail Event



Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing is proud to host Oregon’s first KBF Trail Event this year at Prineville Reservoir. Below are the event details, as well as links to the Lodging Guide, the KBF site, and the TourneyX Registration page. If you have any questions, please contact aaron@oregonkayakbassfishing.com!


For this event, no OKBF Membership is required, however KBF Membership is required. KBF Membership costs $50 a year. If you do not want to become a KBF Member, you have the option to pay the KBF Non-Member Event Surcharge of $25 in order to fish this Trail Event. For OKBF AOY purposes, this event is counted as an OKBF Tour Event. You must be a paid OKBF Member in order to receive OKBF AOY points for the event. OKBF AOY Points will be given out based on total finish for the event, not based on your finish against only OKBF Members.

KBF Trail Prineville Lodging Guide

TourneyX Event Registration Page

Event Overview:

KBF Members can pit their skill against world-class kayak bass anglers in tournaments closer to home. KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are stepping stones to the 2018 KBF National Championship and the first KBF World Championship that’s being planned for 2018 in Germany. Tournament Entry Fees have been reduced to $50 in 2017 to encourage greater participation. Non-members share the administrative costs of running this series by a mandatory $25 Admin Surcharge. This may be done during registration on TourneyX.

Prizes—Guaranteed $1,000 Minimum for each First Place finish, with additional payouts to 10% of the field. Winners are required to provide KBF with a W-9 form, and then winnings are paid via PayPal Funds Transfer (or by mailed check, if no PayPal account).

KBF BONUS BUCKS participants can win additional cash and sponsors’ product bonuses, too.

NuCanoe will be awarding a Pursuit fishing kayak as an additional First Place Prize at every KBF TRAIL Series Tournament with 100 or more registrants.

Event Details:

Launch Location: n/a

Captains Meeting: Virtual (video)

Check In Time: n/a

First Cast: 7:00am

Weigh In: 3:00 pm at Prineville State Park Ramp

Must be an Active KBF Member to Register

Register for this event at TourneyX

Date:   September 16
Cost:   $50